Safety first – study visit at Volvo

On September 14, the Energy Agency for Southesast Sweden, together with partners from Poland, Sweden, Lithuania and Germany, visited the Volvo Cars factory in Olofström, Sweden. The “blue train” took all participants on a tour around the factory. It was an impressive factory with everything from automated robot lines to more traditional craftsmanship that requires experienced staff.

The guide went through all safety routines in detail and we were introduced to them by watching a short movie. “Safety first”, he said when he introduced the company Volvo and their product, the car. Security is thus not only important in the field of car manufacturing, but also for visitors during study visits.

In the factory there was full activity, but unfortunately we did not see many production lines in full operation. Many of the machines and lines were being adapted and changed to produce new car models, the guide told us. The factory manufactures mainly body parts and handles the pre-assembly.

The study visit was part of the jointly organized meeting, where the entire partnership met and worked together with the Low Carbon Logistics project for two days.

 Volvo sign (ESS) 

Safety comes first when enetering Volvo Cars factory. Equipment like protective goggles are mandatory to wear. Photos by: Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden. 

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Safety first – study visit at Volvo