Cross border projects jointly plan cross project activities

The lead partners of the two South Baltic projects “Low Carbon Logistics” and “Cobium” met last week to discuss potential future cooperation areas and possible joint upcoming activities and events. The two projects entail great cooperation potential due to similarities in the pilot measures that are planned to be implemented in the partner regions. Next to similarities concerning the pilot measures that entail the use of cargo bikes, similarities exist with regard to the project partners since the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden and the University of Greifswald are both active in the projects. During the South Baltic Annual event, where both projects were represented, new inspiration in the fields of joint dissemination and clustering of projects was provided. The respective synergies will be explored and the projects will hopefully show how joint work can result into great benefits for all involved parties.

Overall, the two project partners will coordinate all activities that are linked to the use of cargo bikes. The first step will be to become familiar with each other’s projects and to start planning a joint sustainable transport event in Sweden in the end of 2018.

Cobium: CoBiUM aims at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and car traffic by increasing the use of cargo bikes for private and commercial use. A reduction of car traffic means that the pressure on parking spaces will decrease and that safer roads and lowered noise levels will be achieved. This will increase the quality of life in participating cities.

Low Carbon Logistics: The partners in the Low Carbon Logistics project make a joint effort to improve the efficiency of freight transports in the South Baltic area through small scale pilot implementations, joint concept work, expert support and public awareness. The common vision is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as the local pollution levels in the cities and at the same time achieve other benefits such as less congestion, noise and accidents.

Anna Månsson together with CoBiUM project manager Amanda Johansson,Växjö municipality, and communication officer Johanna Wallin, Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden. Photo: Anna Månsson



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Cross border projects jointly plan cross project activities