The project puts the establishment of LCL solutions into the focus, and, doing so, it will contribute to improving the quality and environmental sustainability of transport services in the South Baltic area. To achieve this, a consortium of implementation regions and expert partners will join forces on developing methods of environmentally sustainable transport services in the South Baltic area. The cross-border developed solutions of smart transportation concepts aims to streamline the routes of freight transports which decreases the traditional vehicle usage. This will result not only in a decrease of the emissions of GHGs and NOx, but also other the negative impacts of heavy traffic. The joint objective is to investigate, test and implement solutions to reduce the freight transports, and exchange cross border expertise knowledge as well as experiences and lessons learned.

The aforementioned development of smart transport services and concepts towards a reduction of the carbon footprint caused by trucks, will be achieved by developing one joint holistic concept with a number of pilot actions. The implementation will be located in the 4 SB regions for smarter and more environmentally friendly transport services. In this context 4 political declarations and long-term cooperation agreements minimum will be signed during the project and 2 international cooperation networks based on formal agreements will be established: One will be the interdisciplinary project consortium itself and the second will be  the expert support team established within the project.