The Expert Team members

The Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden (ESS)

The ESS was already part of numerous national and regional projects related to green local distribution solutions and is a proven expert concerning the efficient transportation of public goods. Therefore, the agency has vast experiences concerning long-term work on mobility and logistical solutions and accordingly, can support the international expert team with profound expert knowledge as well as a systematic and close exchange with other projects that work within the same subject area.

Rietavas Tourism and Business Information Centre (RTVIC)

The RTVIC helps business entities, which mainly comprise small and medium entrepreneurs from the municipality of Rietavas and other Lithuanian districts, to enter and anchor into the market. Hence, the centre serves as a valuable direct contact to the pilot region Rietavas and can support the municipality with the implementation of the concept as well as initiate discussions for finding innovative proposals and solutions for low carbon logistics.

Research GmbH Wismar, Competence Centre for Rural Area Mobility (KOMOB)

KOMOB holds significant experience with developing and implementing rural and town mobility solutions and is thus expert for the logistical concepts, action plans and pilot measures that will be developed and implemented throughout the project. Due to this working experience and expertise, the centre has a vast network of logistic and transport experts at its disposal, which will facilitate the communication of project findings to relevant stakeholders. Furthermore, the centre is in charge of the direct implementation of the project work within the district of the partner city and pilot region Bad Doberan and can hence provide first-hand progress reports to the international expert team.

Maritime University of Szczecin (MUS), the Faculty of Economics and Engineering of Transport

The Faculty was already involved in many projects and activities in the area of the functioning of the transport systems in cities. Mostly, these initiatives were directly focused on urban freight transport. The most important experiences include projects: C-LIEGE (Clean Last mile transport and logistics management for smart and Efficient local Governments in Europe), GRASS (GReen And Sustainable freight transport Systems in cities), NOVELOG (New cooperative business models and guidance for sustainable city logistics). The representatives of the Faculty are well-known experts in the urban freight transport issues and implementations. They participate in many international actions, like City Logistics Conference, organized by Institute for City Logistics from Kyoto.

University of Greifswald

Due to its experience in examining legal and political frameworks in the fields of climate protection, energy and mobility, the Faculty of Public Law, Finance Law, Environmental and Energy Law serves as the law and policy expert in the team. Accordingly, the faculty will be responsible for securing the compatibility of the potential concepts and the pilot projects with the corresponding legal framework.

The Green Policy Institute (GPI)

The GPI supports the international expert team in the development of the main low carbon logistics concept by applying its experience in the promotion of science-based solutions for the transition from fossil to renewable energy in Lithuania. Furthermore, it will help to implement the project results in the pilot region Neringa and hence, provide the expert team with a regular progress report from that region by informing about the status quo, encountered challenges and possible solutions to it.