Tasks and responsibilities

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Analysis of the regional and local initial situation taking into consideration different aspects such as the type of goods, transport mode as well as available infrastructures
  • Identification of measures for low carbon logistics solutions
  • Development of a holistic logistic concept called “the vision”, which will
  • present a set of common features
  • describe the steps of their implementation
  • highlight aspects that need to be considered in the process
  • outline how the different measures are interrelated
  • emphasize how the relevant stakeholders can be involved
  • Careful monitoring of the working plan progress
  • Supervision of the pilot measures implementation

Accompanying Consultancy Offers

In order to ensure that the gained expert knowledge is maintained after the project ends, the consortium will be altered into a lasting working institution – namely, an international consultancy team for low carbon logistics. For this purpose, comprehensive consultancy offers will be developed incorporating not only direct consultation with relevant stakeholders but also printed guidelines. These offers will be supplemented by recommendations for green policy instruments that facilitate low carbon logistics solutions in the different pilot regions as well as on the international level.

Creating Awareness

Moreover, general public awareness measures will be applied by the international expert team to inform the public about the developed ideas and concepts, the status of implementation as well as the related benefits such as the reduction of negative impacts imposed by noise. This website will be used as one of these measures by informing about project results and providing details on consultancy offers, developed pilot measures as well as recommendations for green policy instruments.