Olofströms Näringsliv AB

  • Contact person: Jörgen Adolfsson
  • Phone number: +4670 991 80 03
  • E-mail address: [email protected]
  • Contact person: Madeleine Kidell
  • Phone number: +4676  861 27 40
  • E-mail address: [email protected]

ONAB (the municipality) is the implementing partner in this project. The project will be performed in close cooperation with Energikontor Sydost who will support this partner in all working steps. The main role of ONAB is to communicate and coordinate the contacts with other regional and local actors in the municipality of Olofström.

In Olofström there are many cars operated by public actors, which are inefficiently utilized and run on fossil fuels. Public actors aim to be forerunners in the climate work by decreasing Co2 emissions from their own transports. Therefore, cargo bikes is to be implemented among janitors and volonteers working in the housing company and around other public buildings such as schools. There will also be small scale implementation of cargo bikes in IT department, for example, for transporting spare parts/equipment or to carry out services. To be able to do this in an efficient and innovative manner the exchange of experience with South Baltic partners will be crucial. The importance of dissemination will also be considered and the findings and experiences in the municipality of Olofström will be shared as well as they will assimilate the project learnings.