The University of Greifswald


The University in general and the Faculty of Public Law, Finance Law, Environmental and Energy Law in particular enjoy long-standing partnerships with international academic institutions – especially in the South-Baltic region. Moreover, the Faculty has cultivated a close-knit international network in the field of sustainable energy policy as well as environmental law and taxation and contributed to a range of international projects in the field of sustainability. In addition, the Faculty is rooted in legal and policy expertise while employing a strong economic research perspective.

As the law and policy expert in the project, the Faculty will be responsible for securing the compatibility of potential concepts and the pilot projects with the legal framework in each of the five partner regions. To do so, the legal frameworks for logistical solutions in each region needs to be analyzed. Accordingly, corresponding EU laws, national laws and regional regulations will be analyzed. Furthermore, the Faculty will develop “Green Policy Instruments” for low carbon logistics in the different regions. One main message to the regional authorities and politicians will be how these instruments can help their region to contribute to their nation’s action plan and fulfill the EU climate protection goals. The Faculty is WP-coordinator for WP5 (“International Expert Team”) and will develop comprehensive consultancy offers incorporating not only direct consultation with relevant stakeholders but also printed guidelines.