Work package 1. Management and coordination

WP leader: Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden

WP description:

To make maximum profit from the international expertise and enable an optimum exchange between the regions, the project will work with three structural levels:

  1. the partner consortium
  2. an international consortium that joins stakeholders from every partner region
  3. the international transport and logistics expert team, comprising of ESS, the Competence Centre for Rural Mobility, the Green Policy Institute, MUS, RTVIC and IKEM.

An intensive international exchange will be arranged in the project a) within every level and b) between the levels.

Within the partner consortium, the international cooperation will be guided by the project management (staff of the Lead Beneficiary with related expertise) and monitored by the project’s steering committee. The Steering Committee will comprise of one representative from every participating country, a Lead Partner representative and the project manager. The Steering committee meets once a year and in case problems occur within the project (every partner is authorized to demand a SC-meeting). In addition it approves requested modifications of the project setup and major budget reallocations before the JTS is contacted on this.

The partner consortium will meet in half-year intervals as follows: Kickoff meeting in September 2016 in Karlskrona, partner meetings in March 2017 (Rietavas), September 2017 (Olofström), March 2018 (Bad Doberan), September 2018 (Szczecin, with public conference) and March 2019 (Neringa). Every meeting will be hosted by one partner, travel and accommodation costs are taken over by every partner itself.

Furthermore, meeting of the experts will be held to exchange on the latest tasks and achievements with supporting the component work. Here, it is foreseen that the meetings will take place on demand, but mostly in connection with the partner meetings. Due to this, only 3 separate meetings of the expert team are foreseen, the dates to be specified during the project.

Within the international consortium involving the local stakeholders, annual national meetings will be implemented and Skype meetings will take place half year before these personal meetings (i.e. Skype meeting in March and personal meetings in September every year).