WORK PACKAGE 3. Logistical concepts, action plans and pilot measures

WP leader: Research GmbH Wismar, Competence Centre for Rural Area Mobility

WP description:

In the interest of the overall project objective, a reduction of the carbon footprint resulting from local transportation, the WP will start with the international partner consortium jointly developing a generalized holistic logistic concept for towns and areas in the SB Region. This concept will be broken down to a local/regional application in 5 partner regions: Olofström, Rietavas, Bad Doberan, Szczecin and Neringa. First implementation steps will be taken. This will include the following steps:

  1. Analysis of initial situation: implemented under the guidance of the international expert team, in close cooperation with the local stakeholders, considering, aspects like type of goods, flows, vehicles used, physical preconditions, infrastructures, customers, suppliers, incentives, software solutions. Here, the international expert consortium will jointly elaborate a general methodology for this analysis work (be documented and optimized, provided as manual to third regions).
  2. Concept development: Joint elaboration of a holistic generalized concept (“the vision”) in the international consortium of experts and regional/local representatives. It shall not only present a set of common features, but describe the steps of their implementation, aspect to be considered in the process, how the different measures are interrelated with each other and how the involvement of relevant players can be arranged.
  3. Breakdown of the concept to the specific regional needs for overall orientation and as long-term strategy
  4. Elaboration of one action plan per region/institution, i.e. a clear working plan that specifies steps to be taken (in the project, but also long-term). To achieve this, a matrix of tasks, responsibilities and interrelations will be developed together with relevant players and decision-makers.
  5. Start of the implementation process in accordance with overall concept and matrix. The expert partners will provide ongoing legal and technical support. The local teams mainly responsible for the implementation will be involved into the international exchange via the WP4-structures and exchange with each other on their planning for maximum mutual benefit. The activities carried out within the project lifetime will include at least one pilot activity per partner region, each of them preparing lasting operation of a low carbon logistic solution. This pilot can only be clearly specified after the analysis and concept stage, which is why a generalized budget was planned with the application for this. Additional costs will be covered from others sources where relevant.
  6. Evaluation: With the elaboration of the working plan, the evaluation process will be started to carefully monitor the progress, which is mainly done by the international expert team. The indicators determined in every working plan are used as a basis for regular evaluation processes. The monitoring will include a documentation for third party-adaptation.