WORK PACKAGE 5. International expert team

WP leader: Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility (IKEM)            

WP description:

The partner structure of the project comprises of, on one level, representatives of the towns/regions where the low carbon logistics shall be implemented, and, on the second level, a consortium of the most relevant experts related to different aspects of green transport and logistics solution.

When guiding, accompanying and monitoring the logistic solution elaboration and implementation process in the partner regions, the involved expert team will merge its existing expertise, update it based on the new experiences and increase their knowledge on such processes. To avoid that this compiled expert competence gets lost after the end of the project, the project will turn the expert consortium into a lastingly working institution, an international consultancy team for low carbon logistic solutions in towns, cities and rural areas of the SB region.

To make sure that this new-quality offer is not only available, but also widely recognized, this establishment will go along with developing a communication structure. For efficiency reasons, this will be developed out of the project’s communication tools (“Low Carbon Logistic Experts” as joint brand name, project website as joint contacting and communication structure, manual and flyers as part of the communication instruments).

The team will be active on two levels from project year 2 on:

  1. Actively addressing municipalities that have a need for low carbon logistic solutions
  2. Being available for inquiries of municipalities, which search for support with improving their logistics/transport situation with CO2 emission reduction approach.

As soon as this working structure is formally established, it will be available for supporting municipalities that see (or learn to see) a need for low carbon logistic work. Their support will be mainly funded by regional and national financial sources, applied for every specific consultancy and support case, or by the municipalities themselves.

In addition, the expert consortium will, under the guidance of IKEM as relevant expert, develop recommendations for ‘Green policy instruments’ for low carbon logistic solutions in the different regions as well as on the international level. Regional authorities and politicians will be informed about how these instruments can help their region to contribute to their nation’s action plan and fulfill the EU climate protection goals.