About the Rietavas pilot

A short introduction to the project pilot in Rietavas, run by the Rietavas municipality administration:

Why are you in this project?

Rietavas is situated on the junction of two national roads that cross the town. Heavy vehicles carrying goods pass the town causing traffic, noise and pollution. Transit flow that crosses town area is the main problem that creates conditions to form a number of issues to be solved by implementing the measures of green logistics.

What are the challenges in your region? 
Most important challenges are linked to the safety and security as well as to air pollution and noise level.

What is your long term vision of the goods transports in Rietavas? How have you met the challenges?
Building of the bypasses, sound walls and establishment of centralized systems of goods delivery might be defined as a long term vision. The vision of the pilot measure implemented in the frame of the LCL project – development of centralized goods delivery system for the institutions operating under municipalities order (eg. kindergartens, shools, hospital, mucipality administration). The delivery should be organized by using an environmentally- friendly transport.

What have you achieved so far? 
Rietavas municipality council has made the decision to participate in the project and to implement the pilot measure. Council members are informed about the activities carried out under the project. Meetings and discussions about the vision have been arranged. Nearest stakeholders meeting is planned to be held on October 25- st.


Rietavas overview by Audrone Auzbikaviciute

For more information, contact Vytautas Diciunas

About the Rietavas pilot