Intelligent and green city transport: study visit

Intelligent, green and affordable city transport – mission possible!

That was proved during #LCL team study-visit to Lithuanian company ElintaElinta Motors – designs, develops and produces high powered EV / PHEV components in-house with the main focus on sustainable commercial transportation. Together with UAB “Transmitto” Iveco distributorius Lietuvoje, it introduced Intelligent Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles – based on the technology which combines top performance with efficiency.

Vechiles have integrated fleet management system, which allows to select any geographical zone (green zone) where the vehicle shall operate in pure electric mode only. When entering into such a zone, the vehicle warns the driver and automatically switches offthe diesel engine. The fleet management system provides vehicle tracking, operation reports, service warnings and other functions. Live information about the vehicle can be seen using app for Android or Apple smart-phones.

In combined mode the electric motor assists the diesel engine during acceleration and reduces fuel consumption by 25%. Average fuel consumption is 2.7 l/100 km with < 75 g/km CO2 emmisions. Pure electric mode has the range of 50 km.

Hope to see such cars in Neringa and Rietavas soon!

Intelligent and green city transport: study visit