The activities are implemented in the 5 South Baltic regions (0Iofstrćim, Rietavas, Bad Doberan, Stargard and Neringa) to present good practice examples for smarter and more environmentally friendly transport services. This includes the following steps: (1) analysis of initial situation, (2) concept development, (3) breakdown of the concept to the specific regional needs, (4) elaboration of one action plan per region/institution, and (5) start of the implementation process.


The project applies different awareness and public acceptance measures to create interest, acceptance and public support for the concept implementation process in all partner regions. One of these measures includes a jointly developed information campaign with the aim to actively provide expert assistance in order to start new low carbon logistics initiatives or to support already existing ones.


The expert team consists of a consortium of the most relevant experts concerning green transport and logistics solutions. While guiding, accompanying and monitoring in the partner regions, the team will merge its individual expertise, update it based on lessons learned and increase its knowledge concerning green logistics solutions. To ensure that the gained knowledge is maintained, the expert team will be altered into a lasting working institution – namely, an international consultancy team for low carbon logistics solutions.