What We Do

Do you need to increase the living conditions in your city? Are you burdened with traffic problems or inefficient transport flows? Do you want to solve those problems and become a pioneer in green city logistics?
We will help you to achieve your goals!


We offer individually tailored consultation for your city or business in the quest for low carbon logistics solutions. For this purpose, we developed a ten-step program that will guide you step by step through this process. A checklist serves as an independently applicable guide, ensuring that none of the steps is skipped. We also offer several templates and questionnaires for you to use. Still, direct consultation in form of meetings in person, via Skype or phone is the backbone of our work. Since realizing environmentally friendly transport solutions often relies on the willingness of and cooperation between various stakeholders, we will also present you with specific arguments to help convince stakeholders to join you in this sustainable undertaking.

Our offers are supplemented by recommendations for green policy instruments that facilitate low carbon logistics solutions in the different pilot regions as well as on the international level.

Creating Awareness

We apply different measures to inform the public about the developed ideas and concepts, the status of implementation as well as related benefits. While we organize and take part in stakeholder events, lead workshops and offer lectures to create awareness and share our knowledge and experiences, this website provides all project results and offers detailed information, brochures, and flyers for download.