Neringa municipality is located on the south eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, in the Curonian Spit National Park. It spans the peninsula and can be accessed from the Lithuanian mainland by ferry. The area is a tourist destination, and the National Park status restricts the pursuit of industrial activities. Neringa municipality together with local businesses, NGOs, municipal institutions and community developed the sustainable goods’ delivery model in the Curonian Spit. Cargo flows are highly dependent on tourist flows, and the latter depends on seasonality, showing the greatest tourist flows in summer. For the cargo flow intensive summer months, Neringa develops a cargo transport concept using electric and hybrid vehicles as well as pilot cargo deliveries.  In the context of the LCL project, Neringa is aiming to demonstrate a positive experience of consolidated goods’ delivery using environmentally friendly hybrid or electric vehicles. This will allow to create a sustainable mobility system, that will protect the fragile ecosystem of the Curonian Spit, reduce CO2 emissions and noise levels and create a healthier, cleaner and safer environment for both tourists and residents.

Here you find more detailed information on the regional concept and action plan as well as the implemented pilot activities in Neringa.