The challenge for the Stargard pilot site was to establish the concept for the development of a consolidation system that will serve several public entities located in the city. Following that, the idea of an Urban Consolidation Center for Municipal Entities (UCC-ME) has been prepared. Beneficiaries of the UCC-ME have been divided into two groups: entities involved directly in the action, e.g. 4 kindergartens, 9 primary schools (3 of them with junior school classes) as well as the City Hall, and various groups of local inhabitants and entities that will benefit from an UCC-ME. The general business model of this measure has been prepared. Moreover, the important assumption of this concept was to use cargo bikes for last mile delivery. Therefore, two local experiments have been realized to identify the opportunities and barriers of utilizing cargo bikes in Stargard. Three different kinds of cargo bikes have been used during a two-month period. Both experiments helped to identify the infrastructure conditions for cargo bikes and draw conclusions on public acceptance as well as the technical expectations for the vehicles, considering the specificity of deliveries for the municipal entities. Finally, the general assumptions for the implementation and future development of an UCC-ME in Stargard have been prepared for the local authority.

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