Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden Ltd. (ESS)

The Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden (ESS) is working to initiate, coordinate and implement projects aimed at improving the energy efficiency and increased supply of renewable energy in all sectors. ESS works strategically and systematically to link the projects at the local and regional level with the projects of the European and international market. The work of the agency involves managing projects, conducting investigations, creating and maintaining networks and participating in the dissemination of experiences and best practices. Experience is spread through the organization of activities such as conferences, presentations at conferences and schools, development of articles and reports, brochures, magazines, newsletters and also via the website. During the last years, ESS has been working a lot on national and regional projects related to green local distribution solutions. In the LCL-project ESS are the lead partner and will ensure the implementation of the LCL-project and be responsible for the reports to JS. But also an expert in efficient transportation of public goods. ESS will within this project also develop a deeper knowledge in the sectors for private goods and the synergies between those. ESS is active in many projects hence there will be an added value of the systematic and close interaction with other projects on both local, national and international level. ESS will be a part of the international expert team, looking back at long-term work on mobility and logistical solutions in several Swedish regions. ESS will perform some of the activities in WP3 together with Olofström and support the Swedish partner during project.