Neringa Municipality Administration

Neringa is a small municipality located in west part of Lithuania, and is a part of Curonian Spit, which is included into UNESCO world heritage list. Main governing body in the territory is Neringa municipality administration, budget institution whose one of the priorities, according to strategical development plan for a year 2014-2020, aims to coordinate sustainable tourism development, while collaborating with SME’s in Neringa. Neringa municipality administration is also coordinating urban management, building, and improvement of infrastructure. Neringa municipality administration will work together with Lithuanian and foreign experts, representatives from The Council of Neringa Municipality, SME‘s, logistic companies at the workshops, study trips to develop the best solutions for municipality to make more efficient logistics and transportation system, to decrease air pollution, noise and other problems in the municipality. Particularly prioritizing analysis of actions for lower number of cars and higher number of tourists coming into Neringa. Neringa municipality administration will work to implement experience gained during the project, the best practices and new logistics models in the municipality’s strategic development and action plans and to implement best solutions as pilot project.