Research GmbH Wismar, Competence Centre for Rural Area Mobility

  • Contact person: Udo Onnen-Weber
  • Phone number: +49 (0) 171 4865011
  • E-mail address: [email protected]

As an expert that has gained significant experience with developing and implementing rural and town mobility solutions over the past decade, KOMOB will have a double-role in the project:

  • it will act as implementing partner, i.e. be fully responsible of implementing the project work in the town Bad Doberan in close cooperation with Bad Doberan as associated partner.
  • And it will act as expert partner, i.e. take part in the monitoring and consultancy for the whole consortium of implementing partners and contribute actively to the expert team established in WP5.

For Bad Doberan, it will carry out the analysis work and develop the local working plan out of the jointly developed holistic concept and also be in charge of implementing and monitoring the pilot measure for Bad Doberan and preparing its lasting operation as well as implement the first steps towards a holistic low carbon logistics setting in the town. This will definitely include a central distribution solution as well as the operation of e-vehicles for enhancing green goods transportation. I

In addition, KOMOB will organize all local communication processes (including the mayor, logistics players, companies, town administration and citizens), involve the relevant stakeholders and interlink the local communication with the international exchange as planned by the project.

Bad Doberan as AO will ensure a sufficient rooting in the local community by providing office facilities in Bad Doberan itself and support the concept implementation with own staff and facilities.

KOMOB as expert partner, it will also be in charge of communicating the project findings to the logistic and transport expert networks, but also for promotion activities on the regional and national level (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Germany). KOMOB will be the leading partner for WP3.