Rietavas Municipality Administration

  • Contact person: Vytautas Diciunas
  • Phone number: +370 448 73202
  • E-mail address: [email protected] 

Rietavas municipality is one of the youngest municipalities in Lithuania – self-governance in Rietavas was re-established in 2000. In 2013 Rietavas celebrated 760 years anniversary. Rietavas municipality cover 586 km2 area and 51 % of territory is covered by forests. Rietavas is famous for the initiations and innovations of noble family of Oginski who governed Rietavas 18-19 century, which is significant motivator for Rietavas advancement in nowadays. . Rietavas is situated only 50 km from the port and near the main roads and is known for high concentration of logistic companies in Lithuania. Zemaitija College is based in Rietavas and support the area development with knowledge. Rietavas Municipality Administration key responsibility will be development and implementation of Low Carbon Logistics Concept. Municipality will manage implementation of the pilot project. Rietavas Mayor being a chair of the regional strategic planning committee will promote LCL solutions in the area, motivating the surrounding areas to take strategic steps while dealing with Low Carbon issues. Municipality will work on political engagement. The transparent public procurement procedures will be assured.