The Green Policy Institute


The Green Policy Institute as an expert organization will participate in preparation of the main low carbon logistics concept and will adapt it for the Neringa municipality (Klaipėda region). Institute together with international expert team and in cooperation with Neringa municipality will make analysis of the flows of goods, types of goods deriving requirements, delivery times and delivery periods, analysis about current used types of trucks, analysis of traffic flows, analysis of main relevant routes, environmental pollution, transport companies, “clients”, what solutions would be best for Neringa. The institute will bring together the representatives from Neringa municipality, private business, logistic companies, transport and logistics experts for the workshops to develop the best solutions for municipality to make more efficient logistics and transportation system, to decrease air pollution, noise and other problems in the municipality. The Green Policy Institute together with Rietavas Business Information Centre will organize the study trips for the representatives from Rietavas and Neringa municipalities to know the best practices which could help to improve logistics in Neringa and Rietavas location. The Institute will work to implement during the project gained experience, the best practices and new logistics models in the municipality’s strategic development and action plans. Institute will be responsible for supervision of evaluation of implementation of the pilot project. Institute will make the project and its activities more public by active communication campaign. Green Policy Institute is assigned by the LP to be the coordinating partner for WP4.